Production of pieces of all sizes and shapes using numerical control machining. Production optimization for series and high precision and details.
Materials: wood, resin, high density foam, polyurethane foam, other composites

Our resources :
A design department and CAD programming
Two multi-axis machining centers (3 and 5 axes) with a machining capacity of 4000x2000x350 mm and 3500x1500x1000 mm
A numerical control format saw
An assembly and finishing shop

Your applications :
Public establishments, museums, showroom, municipalities, offices, retail

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Original design of decorative panels.
Panels are sculpted, cast and reproduced in various materials, then lacquered or patinated by hand.
Composite materials: wood, resin, metal.

Our ressources:
A creative shop including designers, drafters and sculptors
An engineering office for implementation
A production and finishing shop
A varied, personalized offer (materials, finishes, colours etc.)
Panels of standard dimension (2400 x 1200 mm) or custom

Your applications :
Layout, furniture, wall decor yachts, aviation etc.
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Exhibit installation, layouts, custom furniture
Combined materials: wood, glass, metal, composite, fabrics etc.

Our resources :
A team with a full range of technical skills
A production shop fitted with everything from traditional woodworking machinery to a digital 3 and 5-axis machining centre
A finishing workshop equiped with 3 booths, oven, 1 wide-band sander
Storage (400 to 800 m²)
A network of dependable partners: mirror specialists, locksmiths, upholsterers, electricians, interactive developers, serigraphers etc.

Your applications :
Public establishments, museums, showroom, municipalities, offices, retails.

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