In a dark atmosphere, a series of nine totems, spreading small flames accompanied by common expressions relating to fire, rhythm a journey between high textile walls.

Fire control has been of paramount importance to humanity.

It marked a profound upheaval not only in the daily but also the psychic life of the human being. Our relationship to fire has evolved over time, it remains an object of both fascination and fear: it refers to the heat, vitality, friendliness, creation, progress, technique … but also to danger and destruction.

The exhibition will focus on different aspects of fire control by humans.

– Domesticizing and using fire: fire in prehistory, the myths of the origin of fire, rites and celebrations related to fire, the arts of fire;

– Understand the fire and the challenges of research: combustion, flames, chemistry, fire physics, the place of fire in our societies, research, advanced applications, issues;

– Protect yourself and defend yourself from fire: urban and forest fires, fire prevention and firefighting, fire safety engineering, firefighting.

Location : Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
Dates : April 10th 2018 to January 6th 2019
Client : Atelier de Scénographie Pascal Payeur
Surface : 830m²
Budget : 203.418€ excluding tax

Temporary exhibition

Photo credits : Ph. Levy - EPPDSCI