The exhibition presents the world of Hugo Pratt, inventor of the “drawn literature”, master of black and white drawing and accomplished watercolourist; his influences, his horizons and his imaginations… It is an exhibition on the comic strip which presents the particularity to confront the drawings with objects of museums (collections of the museum of Confluences and borrowed from other institutions) which were often a source of inspiration for Hugo Pratt.

This exhibition is aimed at all audiences, connoisseurs and amateurs of Hugo Pratt’s work and those who will discover it; at an audience that loves comics as well as those who are resistant to them. For this, the museum uses a very immersive scenography that highlights the beauty of the works (notably via reproductions in very large formats).

Location : Musée des Confluences (Lyon 69)
Dates : April 7th 2018 to March 24th 2019
Client : Musée des Confluences
Budget : 62,411€ excluding tax

Temporary exhibition

Photo credits : Art's Vice - Musée des Confluences