Logis Royal et Donjon – Cité Royale de Loches

The County Council of Indre wishes to reinforce the attractiveness and the legibility of the royal lodgings and the dungeon, emphasizing their complementarity.

Indeed, they are both the expression, a few centuries away, of the incarnation of feudal and royal power. In the dungeon, it is expressed in the fortifications, the artillery that allows to quell the revolts but also the dungeons with the imprisonment of the enemies of the king.

In the home, it’s the stays of the court (hunts, banquets), the interviews that have marked the history, the patronage of Agnès Sorel and Anne de Bretagne which constitute the historical frame of the monument.

To achieve the goal of promoting these exceptional spaces, the Department plans the creation of a scenographic journey in both monuments.

Location : Loches (37)
Client : Alexis PATRAS
Surface : 800 m²
Budget : 249 234€ excluding VAT

Permanent exhibition

Photo credits : Stevens Frémont