Musée La Piscine – Musée d’Art et d’Industrie André Diligent

Museographic arrangement for the extension of the André DILIGENT Museum of Art and Industry

The museographic as well as architectural choice is that of continuity with the existing museum.

This is characterised by the choice of materials, light and museum furniture, with the difference that today’s services are more sober and less rich than those of the basin.

The spaces are high and benefit from natural light, the shades of the walls are mostly white with occasionally some coloured backgrounds, the floors are in waxed grey screed, the furniture is lacquered grey.

However, the Bouchard sequence induces particular museographical requirements, for the spaces of the Bouchard studio, of the technical contextualisation and the historical contextualisation. These three spaces are architecturally “restored” spaces. Their museography ranges from the faithful restitution concerning the Bouchard studio to the evocation concerning the historical contextualisation. In all cases, an alternation of atmospheres is sought in the sequence of spaces in the Bouchard sequence.

Location : Roubaix (59)
Client : Atelier d'Architecture Jean-Paul PHILIPPON
Surface : 2000m²
Budget : 530.192€ excluding VAT

Permanent exhibition